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Your Eternity: A Heart-to-Heart Chat with Non-Catholics

Your Eternity: A Heart-to-Heart Chat with Non-Catholics

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Have you ever taken sufficient interest in the great subject of your destiny to ask yourself questions like these: "What is the real meaning and purpose of my life? What am I really living for? What is my destiny after death? What will become of me when I die?"

  No doubt questions of this nature have often come into your mind and troubled you, sometimes at the most unexpected moments. Even against your will they came and clamored for a hearing and an answer. But you were not in a mood to occupy yourself with them. They were unwelcome intruders in your life of business, or money-making, or study, or the eager pursuit of pleasure and amusement. And so you disregarded them and managed to dismiss them from your mind.

  Good common sense, however, demanded that you should have taken time to study into them and find the correct answer. The neglect to do so is a sin against right reason. It is the common source of the loss of heaven.

  This book is your guide to exploring and discovering the answers to these vital questions and finding peace and purpose in your life.

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