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Sensus Fidelium Press

Thesaurus Fidelium

Thesaurus Fidelium

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Does your soul yearn for a deeper union with God?

You are not alone. Thesaurus Fidelium is a timeless guide for souls seeking to live a religious life within the world. This beautifully compiled manual, first published in 1914, provides a path to spiritual growth and intimacy with God through:

Insightful instructions on creating a rule of life, navigating the stages of prayer, and embracing the challenges of the interior journey.

Inspirational wisdom gleaned from the writings of saints and spiritual masters like St. Teresa of Avila, Blessed Louis Blosius, and St. Augustine.

A wealth of prayers and aspirations to nourish your soul and draw you closer to the Divine Spouse.

Thesaurus Fidelium is a companion for anyone seeking a life "hid with Christ in God" without withdrawing from the world. Discover the power of contemplative prayer, embrace the transforming grace of suffering, and find true solace in the presence of the Beloved.

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