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The Exorcism of Nicola Aubry

The Exorcism of Nicola Aubry

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In a small french town in the year 1565, the devil took possession of a young Catholic married woman named Nicola Aubry. He revealed himself as Beelzebub, “prince of devils, next to Lucifer.” And the devil did not come alone. Twenty-nine minions accompanied the father of lies at one point. Several Protestant preachers tried to expel the devil, and they were quickly humbled. The devil even revealed the secret sins of those present at Nicola’s public exorcisms. 

The battle to free Nicola’s soul from many demons waged on until the devil came face-to-face with the Most Blessed Sacrament and one courageous bishop.

In these pages, you will discover one of the most gripping true accounts of demonic possession in Church history, as well as why God permitted this battle to occur. More than just curiosity, The Exorcism of Nicola Aubry has many striking lessons for our own time, when the demons are seeking the ruin of souls with renewed vigor through the occult, sin, and disbelief in the Real Presence.

Here, you will find a true story for the ages, a story where good triumphs over evil, where our humble Eucharistic Lord once again defeats His proud, ancient nemesis, the devil.

104 page paperback.

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