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Sensus Fidelium Press

The Christian Father: What He Should Be, and What He Should Do (epub)

The Christian Father: What He Should Be, and What He Should Do (epub)

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It is no mere ideal father that is described in The Christian Father, aspiring after unattainable or fanciful saintliness. It is a father such as God intended all fathers to be, such as should and might be found at the head of every Christian family. It is a genuine Christian father faithfully discharging the obligations of his state and sanctifying himself in the ordinary every-day duties of life. 

The Christian father will naturally instill Christian habits, impart a moral tone, and infuse a religious spirit into his family; and as the family is the foundation of society, we must make the father truly Christian would we reform society, Christianize the land, or make the people moral.

132 pages

Found in the book:

  • The Name of Father
  • The Father’s Vocation
  • The Model Christian Father
  • The Picture Finished (Dangers to Avoid, the Christian Life)
  • The Work of a Christian Father (“Lay up to Yourself Treasures”, Government/Discipline, Paternal Cares)
  • Two Model Fathers (Abraham and Tobias)
  • The Farmer of Munster
  • The Father at Prayer
  • Prayers for a Christian Father
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